İnspirational horse pictures

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İnspirational horse pictures are pictures that will inspire you and lift your mood. Pictures in themselves are excellent sources for inspiration, as they take us to those objects or places that are depicted in these pictures. İnspirational horse pictures are one of the rare, but also the most beloved among horse lovers. Horses are probably one of the most beautiful creatures that dazzle with their beauty. You can view and download beautiful İnspirational horse pictures by following the link.

İnspirational horse pictures – power and excellence

Strength, swiftness, majestic beauty, devotion and at the same time – vulnerability and vulnerability … An amazing creature! The horse is one of the first objects of human art, captured in rock paintings, numerous statues. Horses have been sacred animals since ancient times. They are associated with fertility and are associated with omens, sorcerers and pagan deities. Many people drew inspiration from the external beauty of these animals, but they also felt something more – the element of freedom lurking under the mane.

The horse is an important companion of man, and the legends and myths of the ancient Greeks illustrate this perfectly. So, the ancient Greek god of the seas Poseidon in the archaic period was represented in the form of a horse, and the winged Pegasus inspired artists for many centuries. Anyway, the horse was a favorite subject of images in ancient art. In the most general sense, the horse is a symbol of male strength, and, for example, the Centaur in this respect symbolizes a rough, unbridled passion.
The masterpieces of the distant past demonstrate all these precisely symbolic features of animals, also showing “qualities in motion” along with grace and harmony of proportions.

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